friendship group

80 SHARES Share Tweet Subscribe Save Share Share Building healthy friendships gets easier as we get older. As we age, we are more experienced and understand better the difference between a truly, honest friend over a toxic friendship. Through life, we meet all kind of individuals, but only truly friendsContinue Reading

stretch for pain relief

  Stretching for pain relief have been, in some extent, an unconscious daily routine for all of us. Stretching lightly is an automatic normal task when we wake up in the mornings. Unless you practice Yoga, this small task, can actually alleviate some small pains we would have otherwise throughoutContinue Reading

family running together

Increase energy naturally, without the searching for medication that relief pain temporary. Finding ways to increase my daily energy has always been an issue since I became a teenager. My thyroid issues were discovered later on and medicine of course helped, but overall, I have tried many strategies to helpContinue Reading

best website platform

Finding the best website platform to host your blog or website can become confusing. Choosing from the large amount of companies available required time to research. My experience with different platforms helped me determine which platform works best for quality, speed and customer service. As I wrote in one ofContinue Reading

couple griefing

When a parent dies, we are forced to recognize that aging is a natural process in life. As we age, we notice that our parents become older and less independent. Even while they keep a healthy lifestyle, we have to face the time when they have to depart. I deniedContinue Reading

lady with worrying face expression

Having the fear of a loved one dying might be a concern in our minds we never consider an issue. The Pandemia has gotten our fears to resurface after watching news of people dying so close to us. When does the fear of a loved one dying become a concernContinue Reading

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A morning motivation can be an automatic routine for most individuals who follow a daily/weekly working schedule. Usually, we all have a schedule to follow from the beginning of the day: at work, getting our kids ready for school, our gym training sessions, our school class, etc. When we haveContinue Reading